Guild VIP

Experience Summit as a Guild VIP

  You will not want to miss the Summit Guild VIP experience. We have 3 packages for you to choose from depending on your play style. For those who want to chill with creators and hang with friends Commander VIP is the package for you. Anyone wanting to play games and stay competitive join us with the Competitor VIP. And for the elite few who need it all we have the Ultimate VIP package. 

  All VIP's will have a full day early access to the convention on Thursday Oct 26th starting at 1PM. Access to the convention hall, artisits, vendors and special guests with raffles, giveaways and access to the first ever Summit carnival. In the evening play in a Battle event with the option to win 2 bye's to the Main event! 

  In addition to an extra day with special guest access, we have created a significant amount of options to play with creators, pros and artists throughout the convention. Only VIP's will have the ability to win any giveaway, raffle, special guest play, pro play and one VIP will win a Mox Opal!!

  VIP swag will include an option to choose your faction and receive a unique faction hoodie and playmat. Faction tokens can be acquired throughout the convention and you will want to spend the time to collect all 5!

  Our VIP hall this year is the best place to escape the madness, chill with creators, pros and artists, watch the best matches and relax. Charging stations, lockers and special vendor access as well as a VIP prize wall will make you experience even better. 


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