The Gathering Begins At The Summit

The Heroes:

  • Connect with the most iconic content creators, the most decorated pro players, and the biggest original Magic artists

The Treasure:

The Guild:

  • Join The Magic Summit Guild: a VIP experience unrivaled by any event in Magic history

The Gathering

  • Come meet vendors, see YouTube personalities, and watch premier events.
    If you want to join The Magic Summit as a vendor, sponsor, special guest or artist please contact us at to apply

October 26-29, 2023 | SALT LAKE CITY

The Summit Guild Vip

We are so grateful to our 2022 Guild VIP members who made the Summit possible and are excited to share our design for a new and improved 2023 VIP experience.

As we navigated the 2022 Summit, reviewed feedback, evaluated and compared our offerings with other comparable events we feel strongly that the VIP package should be an experience unlike any other. To that end we have multiple VIP package options to make your experience unique and include what you are most interested in.

We will be opening up the Summit a day early only for VIPs. This will allow access to exclusive events and reduce any friction for checkin and early access to the venue. All giveaways, special events and raffles during Summit 2023 will be accessible only to our 2023 Guild VIP members.

Here is a brief outline of the perks for our 2023 Guild VIPs:


  • Exclusive Thursday access to the event
  • 1 Thursday night Battle event that will grant the winners 2 bye's to the main event
  • Dinner and entertainment on Thursday
  • 1 hour early access to the venue Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Exclusive drafts with pros and special guests
  • 3 day Summit pass (with playmat, deckbox, and lanyard)
  • VIP lanyard, pin, patch, stickers and dice
  • Join one of 5 factions and receive a custom foil playmat and hoodie in your faction color
  • VIP water bottle, tote, alter sleeves
  • 2023 Guild VIP coin
  • Entry into a Mox pearl giveaway
  • Exclusive VIP lounge access with storage lockers, charging stations, pool tables, couches, TV and streaming, relaxation and giveaways
  • VIP prize wall and special vendor access

Choose from one of three VIP package options; Commander, Competitor and Ultimate VIP!

2022 Guild VIPs who purchase a 2023 Guild VIP pass will be eligible to receive a 10% credit, in prize tix, for any purchases aside from the VIP pass. Perhaps this credit will increase every year for our returning VIPs???

We have a Friday night plan for those 2022 VIPs who bring their coin and wish to participate. Don't forget it and more details to follow. See you all soon!

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